surprised by how quickly smartphone shopping usage has grown

Smartphones were the most common starting place for online activities.

  • 66% of social networking started on a smartphone.
  • 65% shopping online started on a smartphone.
  • 65% searching for information started on a smartphone.
  • 63% browsing the Internet started on a smartphone.
  • 59% managing finances started on a smartphone.

Smartphones were the most common device used simultaneously with other devices.

  • 81% used smartphones and TVs simultaneously.
  • 66% used smartphones and laptops simultaneously.
  • 57% of the time when people used a smartphone, they were using another device simultaneously. 28% with a PC/laptop. 29% with a television
  • 78% of simultaneous usage is multi-tasking and email, Web browsing, and social networking are the most common activities performed during simultaneous screen usage.