So many goodies from Paul Irish. Here are a few:


Gibraltar: Exposing Hardware Devices to Web Pages Using AJAX UC San Diego, Microsoft Research, Univ. of Singapore, 2012

Modeling and Reasoning about DOM Events Brown University, 2012

Don’t Repeat Yourself: Automatically Synthesizing Client-side Validation Code for Web ApplicationsUniversity of Illinois at Chicago, 2012


Who Killed My Battery: Analyzing Mobile Browser Energy Consumption Stanford, 2012

How far can client-only solutions go for mobile browser speed? ACM Digital Library, 2012

Race Detection for Web Applications Sofia University & ETH Zurich & IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, 2012

Leo Meyerovich – Berkeley Rsearch UC Berkeley, 2009 (Parallel Browser Execution, Security)

James Mickens – Microsoft Research Microsoft, 2004- (Performance, localStorage, Mashups, Speculative Execution

Debugging & Tools

Timelapse – Interactive record/reply with Webkit inspector Univ. of Washington, 2012

Cleanroom: Edit-Time Error Detection with the Uniqueness Heuristic Univ. of Washington, 2010

Firebug Research – Academic papers related to Firebug Various, 2012

Realtime Performance Visualizations using Node.js How to NODE, 2011

How Programmers Debug, Revisited: An Information Foraging Theory Perspective Wentworth, OSU, & IBM TJ Watson Research Center, 2010


Crossing the Chasm: Pitching Security Research to Mainstream Browser Vendors Carnegie Mellon, 2011

Benjamin Livshits – Microsoft Research Microsoft, 2004-2012 (Malware, Privacy, JS Benchmarking, JS Compression, JS Static Analysis, Security)

Dynamics of JavaScript Purdue, 2011

Adam Barth – Research Various, 2007- (XSS, CRSF, Security…)

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