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Chinese Man Builds Himself Bionic Hands After Losing Both of His Hands

Proof that being poor doesn’t hinder human ingenuity. Huge props to Mr. Jifa. Sir, I hope Touch Bionics donates a new set of arms.

You may wonder how did he make himself a pair of bionic hands when he actually doesn’t have hands. Well, he just did it. He named Sun Jifa, a 51-year-old Chinese man who lost both hands when he was building a bomb for blast fishing. Since the prosthetic limbs would cost a fortune, he decided to build a new pair of arms. Sun spent 8 years rigorous efforts, he finally created himself a pair of bionic hands which can grip and hold things

The bionic hands are made by scrap metal like wires and pulleys, which make the hands quite heavy. Sun said each hand weighs around 0.9kg, and he has already get used to it.

Hoping to find a translated version of the videos

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