Nick Haley writes about the design thinking into delivering the London 2012 across desktop, tablet, mobile and connected TV.


On a project with so many moving parts it was important to have a single unifying idea that could bring focus to the work.

Our vision for 2012 is “Never miss a moment”. Originally, this phrase was created for the live Interactive Video Player - however it grew to encompass the entire Olympic proposition.

We think it works not only because the BBC has extensive video rights but also because of the huge breadth of content we are offering, such as a page for every athlete.

This shared vision across the BBC helped us make decisions about what we were designing for the Games and is brought to life not only in the interactions you’ll find on the digital products and services we’ve created, but also across TV and radio.

There are more goodies about navigation, user testing … read the Olympics: User Experience and Design.

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