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Mobile World Congress, Boot to Gecko and the unknown beast called HTML5

Boot to Gecko is the future of mobile. No vendor lock in. Mozilla FTW!

  • Boot to Gecko is a fully open phone stack
  • It has a Linux core and its Gaia interface is written in HTML5 – so there is no need to learn any Java or C++ to write apps for it or customise the OS itself
  • The phone features a full telephony and messaging stack
  • It also runs WebGL with 60fps smoothly
  • By the end of the year Telefonica want to release a phone running it and we are in talks with others to do the same (I am off to Hannover on Wednesday for Cebit for that)
  • As the OS is incredibly light-weight it boots in 12 seconds:

In other words: it kicks ass and it allows me as a web developer to build things for phones with the same technologies that I build web sites in. The interesting thing was that this option doesn’t transpire that easily to mobile developers.

Here’s the video demo

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